The programme aims to promote climate smart villages with improved food and nutrition security and strengthen capacities of communities for better disaster preparedness.

The “Promoting Climate Smart Villages for improved food & nutrition security in Char and Haor regions, the two most vulnerable fragile eco-systems of Bangladesh” project is being implemented by our partner NGOs – FIVDB and MMS in 50 villages of the Netrokona and Sirajganj districts of Bangladesh. These areas are the most backward regions of the country suffering regularly from flood, drought and the other effects of climate change. The project is specifically focused on 10,000 poor families, particularly women and children who are most vulnerable to climate change and disasters. The project aims to promote climate smart village with improved food and nutrition security to target households having increased resilience to climate change and strengthened capacities of farming communities.

The Climate Smart villages is enhancing institutional capacity for better disaster preparedness of community based organizations such as 100 SHGs (self-help groups), Farmer Field School (FFS) and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) who increasingly use Climate Information Services, prepare and implement Village development and Adaptation Plans (VDAP) in joint collaboration with local authorities and take up Climate Smart Technologies for agriculture, natural resource management, disaster preparedness, and behaviour change in mother and child care on nutrition, particularly nutrition during disasters and emergency. The three year initiative’s current phase will culminate in 2018.

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