Kadaknath – provides livelihood & nutrition security during COVID19

Kadaknath – provides livelihood & nutrition security during COVID19

Story by : WHH Staff
Written on : 30th June, 2020

An Indian breed of highly nutritious chicken proves to be a saving grace for the vulnerable families in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh

Under our Regional Nutrition Program, strengthening livelihoods to ensure nutrition of the most vulnerable communities and families are a priority. The support extended by our partner Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram in November last year in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh have brought about the much-needed financial relief to the 40 most vulnerable tribal families belonging of Lahroney village during the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

In November last year, during regular village level microplanning undertaken by MGSA with the communities, the need to rear kadaknath chicken was felt by the community. Kadaknath is an indigenous Indian breed of chicken which is more nutritional than regular varieties of chicken and has medicinal properties with 25-27 per cent protein and low-cholesterol (0.73-1.03 %) content.

Planning meeting conducted by MGSA with the community accessing their needs last year.

MGSA approached the local Veterinary and Animal Husbandary and shared the demand to procure kadaknath chickens following which 40 families of Lahroney village were provided with chicks to initiate poultry farming at domestic level. MGSA supported these families in building the necessary coops to ensure that the chickens are properly raised and farmed.

Today, the families are thankful because they are comfortably earning anywhere between INR 500-INR 800 for every chicken, and each egg fetches them around INR 20-30 per piece which is much higher than any other local breeds. “Due to the lockdown we lost our regular jobs. The only option we had was to sell some of the poultry and eggs. Kadaknath fetched us good money in this time of need,” shares Chameli Adivasi of Lahroney village. The families are also using the additional eggs for their own nutritional consumptions. During the time of COVID19 when the communities have otherwise lost their regular source of income, poultry farming have given them a new lease and hope. In total, MGSA has reached out to nearly 300 families in 50 villages of Sheopur district in the state.

Chameli Adivasi of Lahroney village, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh.

With inputs from Neeraj (MGSA).