Governance and Peace
Building Grassroot Civil Society
The initiative works towards strengthening civil society particularly at the grass root level, for effectiveness and transparency.

The goal of the ‘Building Civil Society’ initiative is to contribute to a strengthened, accountable and transparent civil society in India that is effective in protecting rights of the vulnerable sections of society.

The project, supported by European Union, is being implemented by our partners: Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan and Prayog. In all, ten states will be covered in India under the programme, with focus on the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

The focus is on strengthening the skills of Community Based Organisations (CBOs), grassroots NGOs, farmers groups, and youth groups, leaders in local self- government (Panchayati Raj Institutions), civil society groups, and issue-based networks/alliances.

Key achievements

  • Member organizations capacitated in terms of better internal governance systems, financial management and social accountability tools.
  • 50 CSOs identified. Capacity building module on internal governance finalized and workshops to commence soon.
  • A series of 5 Yatras/rallies have been completed successfully in collaboration with networks and other civil society groups on raising awareness on land and water rights.