Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Agriculture
Building Community Enterprises of Small-holders in Bangladesh
The purpose of this project is to combat poverty and food insecurity among the most vulnerable sections of the society in Chittagong Hill Tracts and Haor region of Bangladesh.

The project is being implemented in partnership with Anando and FIVDB, our partner NGOs in Bangladesh as well as in close collaboration with local and regional level government departments, who have been involved in taking up the issue of smallholder farmers. Focusing primarily on two vulnerable zones in Bangladesh (Khagrachari and Netrokona districts) with high rates of poverty and food insecurity, the programme contributes to improving income and livelihood of the target groups.

Total 5,000 small-holder families from indigenous and marginalized communities who are also the members of 200 farmer’s group will benefit from training in diversity of farm production and improving nutrition as well as in learning about ways to increase income from selling farm surplus. Based on cluster mapping and value chain analysis, 40 collection centres are being initiated to collect farm surplus products or crops from the primary beneficiaries as part of 5 Cooperatives/Community Enterprises (CE) that further process and market the collective surplus.

200 Resource Farmers (RF) are supporting the primary beneficiaries to improve farm production and 100 Community Resource Persons (CRP) have been helping actively facilitate marketing and value addition in their cooperatives.

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