Civil Society Empowerment
Building Resource Mobilisation Capacities of CSOs

Since the 60s, Welthungerhilfe has been supporting civil society initiatives in India on issues related to natural resources, rights of vulnerable communities and business development of green enterprises. In a series of consultations between WHH and partners on shrinking space for civil society, CSOs expressed concerns on fundraising and thus, increasing pressure on their independent functioning. They expressed the need to constantly innovate to move into new spheres like social business but lacked resources and capacities to invest into such processes. The proposed project aims to build capacities of civil society organizations in India, to diversify their resource base through a combination of methods, without compromising on their core value system.

The overall objective aims to contribute to a strengthened civil society in India that is able to perform its independent role of empowering vulnerable sections of Indian society.

Our Approach

  • Bringing strategic clarity on organization strategy by facilitating CSOs in mission and vision restructuring, bringing efficiency in their operations, tools to measure their impact and building organization capabilities through technology.
  • Introducing non-disruptive, sequential and bringing incremental in change through Organization Development exercises.
  • Identifying and strengthening CSO’s earned income initiative through dedicated mentorship and coaching.
  • High quality training workshops on organization communications, online fundraising, digital marketing, volunteers and intern management, and non-web-based fundraising events.
  • Identifying opportunities and facilitating partnerships with – Family foundations, Corporates and Government schemes.

Our Achievements

  • More than 60 CSOs from different parts of India are trained and supported in diversifying their funding streams.
  • 18 CSO’s leadership are supported on Organization Development particularly on strategic planning, HR, administration and finance functions, operations and communications.
  • Around 1.5 million Euros have been mobilized domestically by supporting CSO’s in their fundraising plans.
  • Increase in use of ICT, media and social media by CSOs for advocacy and campaigns mobilizing more than 50 thousand Euros.
  • By mentoring efforts, more than 35 CSOs are communicating through their upgraded websites and refurbished annual reports.

Brochure_Increasing self-reliance of CSOs

Increasing self reliance of CSOs