Myrada Green College trains youth on cattle rearing

Myrada Green College trains youth on cattle rearing

Story by : Parthasarathy Thiruvenkadam
Written on : 24th July, 2017

Myrada Green College was started in 2017. Based in Chitradurga district of Karnataka, the Green College has begun imparting training in areas such as livestock rearing, maize and onion production.The courses were identified after a systematic livelihoods analysis with inputs from Community Managed Resource Centers.

Dr.Mahesh, Veterinary Officer, handling session on Food & Nutrition Management. Diseases and Housing

30 trainees (23 women, 7 men) from Nehru colony village of Hollakere taluk of Chitradurga district of Karnataka were trained on livestock rearing between 12th Apr to 09th May 2017. The 25-day short term training comprised 6 days’ classroom sessions and 19 days’ practical sessions. Main aspects of livestock rearing such as breed identification, housing, feed and fodder related practices, health and hygiene, awareness of artificial insemination and others (total of 21 topics), were covered during the training.

The eight trainers were subject matter experts. These included veterinary officers of the department of animal husbandry, progressive farmers, bankers and Green College staff.

After the training, it’s been observed that several trainees, especially young women and men, who were reluctant to work with the cattle earlier (as cattle rearing was mainly done by elderly men), have started taking an active role in livestock rearing, which includes cleaning and milking cattle.

Practical demonstration on washing cattle is a part of the training

“We have better awareness about hygiene practices like watering, maintenance of cattle shed, ticking etc. and we have adopted these practices with our cattle,” explained a trainee during a village level interaction.

Also, better management of feed by use of chaff cutters was one of the major positive impacts experienced by trainees as it helped to use fodder efficiently, especially during these times of low rainfall and fodder shortage. Trainees said, they have a better awareness of animal health-related practices and first aid, to address minor ailments and have better access to veterinary facilities due to improved linkage with animal husbandry department after the training, as some of the doctors themselves were the trainers. The trainees expressed willingness to develop their trade further through purchasing of cattle and increasing the herd size.

Kamadhenu Pashupalana Sangha (Livestock Rearers Group) formed after the training

After the training, the trainees have been mobilized into Kamadhenu livestock rearing group, which meets every month and every member saves Rs.100 per month. The group has planned to take up collective activities, such as availing chaff cutter, partly subsidized by the Animal Husbandry Department and are also planning to approach Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), which has a center in the neighbouring village, to start a milk collection sub-centre in their village, which will further boost dairy business in the village.

There are 11 Green Colleges established under the BMZ and GIZ supported-initiative to build rural ‘ecopreneurs’. These include two new Green Colleges in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Photo Credits and Inputs: Mr.Vedmurthy, Myrada Green College

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